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Why you Need to Sell your Extra Diabetes Test Kits

If you have diabetes; you need to get comfortable with checking your sugar levels all the time. There are test kits designed to help you along. IT is usually for people with diabetes to have many of these strips in their possession. Before settling on a particular brand of test strips, there is the testing of various products. They most likely kept the rest of the other brand and do not intend ever to use them. These test strips have a relatively short life span. They tend to find their way to the trash cans if left unused for long.

These strips cost a fortune to buy. The disease, however, does not discriminate who it affects, as anyone is susceptible to it. There are also insurance companies that do not cover the cost of these strips. If you have extra strips, you can fill this gap. You have the option of selling them those extra strips, or of throwing them away.

Most diabetics will stock up on a lot of these strips, to cater for their needs in case they cannot get some more later. If this has been going on for a while, it gets to a point where there are more boxes present than there ever will be used. If you also happen to opt for another brand for whatever reason, there shall be usable but unnecessary older brands sitting in your shelves. Diabetes during pregnancy is another example of redundant strips when the stage passes. Such boxes are good for selling. It may also happen that your loved one who had diabetes passes on, leaving behind a sizeable stock of those boxes. These are all examples of places where usable strips may go to waste if leaf unattended.

There has to be legal ownership for you to consider selling these strips. The buyer can be anyone, and they do not necessarily have to get a prescription to do so. It does not matter whether they are labelled as not for sale. It is only retailers who are not allowed to sell those in boxes marked as not for sale. The boxes may not sell if they are damaged, expired, or have broken seals. Buyers will only go for those in good condition. Their expiry date also needs to be a long way off, about six months on the lower side.

You will find some dealers in the market, who specialize in buying these tips then giving them to the needy, or selling them at a low price. In the end, those who cannot afford them will have a chance to do so. You have the option of choosing whichever dealer you wish to trade with. When selling, look for a dealer that will be upfront with the payments.

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